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Chemical Engineering Building

Biofuels Office


Department of Chemical Engineering

University of the Philippines Los Baños, College, Laguna 4031


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Prof. Rex Demafelis is the Most Senior Chemical Engineer in the whole UPLB with a rank of Professor 4 in Chemical Engineering Department. He was elected national president of the Philippine Institute of Chemical engineers in 2004 and to the Council of Fellows in 2010. Having 30 years of committed and dedicated service, he gained several prestigious awards including the UPLB Outstanding Teacher Award in Physical Sciences in 2006, the Commission on Higher Education RePublica (Research and Publication) Regional Award in 2010. In 2011, he received the Outstanding Alumni in Chemical Engineering Award for the whole UP system in Education, Researches and Community specifically on the Biofuels research and development field. Last 2013, he was recognized as the Outstanding Chemical Engineer of the Philippines and the Outstanding Professional of the Year given by PIChE and PRC, respectively.

One of the highlights of Prof. Demafelis’ career for the advancement of chemical engineering is his contribution to the development of biofuels production system in the Philippines. He is the current convenor of the UPLB Alternative Energy RDE. Prof. Demafelis is the consultant to local and international organization such as UN-FAO, Halcrow London, WINROCK USA, USAID and others. 





Academic Journal/Scholarly Articles 

Santiago, D.E.O., Demafelis, R.B., Martinez-Goss, M.R., Nacorda J.O.O., Torreta, N.K., Bataller, B.G., Redondo, M.J.H., Jao, N.L., Dizon, L.S.H. (2013). Design, Fabrication and Performance Evaluation of a Photobioreactor for the Cultivation of Chlorella vulgaris (Beijerinck). Philippine Journal of Crop Science. Vol 38(2): 21-29

Demafelis, R.B., Baticados E.J.N., Hourani, K.A., Tongko, B.D. (2013). Potential of Bioethanol Production from Sweet Sorghum in the Philippines: An Income Analyses for Farmers and Distilleries. Sugar Tech. Vol 15(3): 225-231

del Barrio, M. C., Demafelis, R.B., Mercado, S.M., Movillon, J.L., Rebancos, C.M. (2012). Growth Kinetics of Rhizopus chinensis Saito BIOTECH 3273 in the Production of Microbial Rennet Using coconut Paring Cake as Substrate. Philippine Agricultural Scientist. Vol 95(2): 129-138

Razal, R. A., Daracan, V.C., Calapis, R.M., Angon, C.M., Demafelis, R.B. (2011). Solvent Extraction of Oil from Bani (Pongamia pinnata (L.) Pierre) Seeds.  The Philippine Journal of Crop Science. Vol 37(1): 1-7

Movillon, J.L., Demafelis, R.B., Bautista, R.P., Cordova, K.J., Lacsa, M.C., Viray, D.C. (2012). Effects of Antioxidants Extractedfrom Leaves of “Banaba” (Lagerstroemia speciosa L.), “Mangosteen” (Garcinia mangostana L.) and “Tsaang Gubat” (Ehretia microphylla L.) on the Oxidation Stability of Biodiesel form Jatropha curcas L. The Philippine Journal of Crop Science. Vol 37(1): 1-7

Bambase, M.E. Jr., Demafelis, R.B., Vibal, R.E., Escobar, E.C., Revellame, E., Capunitan, J.E. and L.S.H. Dizon. 2011. Transesterification of Jatropha curcas L. Oil with Petroleum Ether as Dispersal Medium. The Philippine Journal of Crop Science. Vol 36(2): 48-55

Demafelis, R. B., J. L. Movillon, V. R. Quinoñes, V. P. Migo, M. R. M. Goss, P. C. R. Alberto. 2011. Parametric Study on Dilute Acid Pretreatment and Enzymatic Saccharification of Turbinariaornata (Phaeophyta) for Hydrolysate Production. Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers (PIChE) Journal. Vol. 13(1): 77-83

Del Rosario, E.E., Ranola, R.F. Jr., Demafelis, R.B., Elepaño, A.R., and B.G. Bataller. 2010. Feasibilty of Producing Bioethanol from Cassava Feedstock in the Philippines. The Philippine Journal of Crop Science. Vol. 35 (3): 9-21

Demafelis, R. B., J. L. Movillon, R.B. Badayos, B.G. Bataller & R.F. Rañola. 2009. Opportunities and Challenges Interphasing the Bioethanol Program with the Philippine Sugarcane Industry. The Philippine Journal of Crop Science. Vol. 34 (1): 99-112

Ranola, R. F., R. B. Demafelis, E. E. del Rosario and B. G.  Bataller.2009. Enhancing the Viability of Cassava Feedstock for Bioethanol Production in the Philippines. Journal of International Society of Asian Agricultural Sciences. Vol. 15 No. 12



Bioenergy Engineering




 Undergraduate Courses



ChE 31

Introduction to Chemical Engineering

ChE 32

Industrial Stoichiometry

ChE 145

Chemical Reaction Engineering

ChE 152

Separation Processes

ChE 153

Tranfer Operations I

ChE 154

Tranfer Operations II

ChE 155

Unit Operations Laboratory I

ChE 156

Unit Operations Laboratory II

ChE 172

Introduction to Biochemical Engineering

ChE 185

Chemical Engineering Laws, Contracts and Ethics

ChE 191

Special Topics in Chemical Engineering

ChE 192 (165)

Chemical Process Equipment Design

ChE 193 (167)

Chemical Engineering Plant Design

Chem 177

Biochemical Technology I


 Graduate Courses



ChE 245

Advanced Chemical Reaction Engineering

ChE 284

Solid Waste Management

ChE 286

Air Quality and Pollution Engineering

ChE 291

Special Topics (Wastewater Treatment Design)




Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers, 1984-present (National President 2004-2005)

Japan Society of Chemical Engineers, 1995

American Institute of Chemical Engineers, 1995

Technical Association of Pulp and Paper Industry of the Philippines, 1998


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