A Comparative Study of Electroflocculation and Chemical Flocculation Processes on Monosodium Glutamate Wastewater

Author : Kho, Maria Geosanna dela Peña
Major Adviser : Migo-Sumagang, Maria Victoria P. 
Committee Members : Alfafara, Catalino G.Migo, Veronica P. 
Year : 2018
Month : June
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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This study assessed the comparative effects of two treatment processes: electroflocculation (EF) using aluminum and iron electrodes, and chemical flocculation (CF) using aluminum sulfate and ferric chloride, on monosodium glutamate wastewater (MSGW) via factorial experiments. Currents 4A and 6A, electrode types aluminum and iron, and operating times 20 minutes and 60 minutes were the parameters tested in EF. As for CF, coagulant type: aluminum sulfate and ferric chloride, and coagulant dosage were varied. Characterization of the untreated MSGW showed an initial COD of 72,600 mg/L and initial TSS of 166,666.5 mg/L. For EF, the models were significant; it was found that current and operating time were significant factors affecting TSS, while only operating time significantly affects COD. For CF, the model generated was also significant, and both type of flocculant and dosage significantly affects TSS, but not COD. Results showed that CF method was more effective in COD reduction of MSGW than EF method. The lowest COD analysis of 156.5 mg/L was obtained using CF with aluminum sulfate. On the other hand, EF method showed greater effectiveness on TSS reduction; with the lowest TSS obtained being 16,560 mg/L via EF using iron electrode. Overall, EF method is preferred considering the lower costs and higher effectiveness in pollutant reduction. The lowest cost estimate for TSS reduction was using an aluminum electrode at 4A, costing Php 5,903.52 per cubic meter of MSGW. On the other hand, for COD reduction, the lowest cost was using an iron electrode costing Php 2,096.20 per cubic meter.

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