The UPLB BS ChE Program is ASEAN University Network Quality Assurance certified

“Excellence in engineering education, research and extension; committed to progressive transformation and global relevance of Philippine Agriculture and Industry.”

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The department constantly envisions to be in the forefront of effective leadership in chemical engineering instruction, research and extension to provide sustainable solutions to challenges in the society.


The BS and MS chemical engineering programs aim to enable students to become better equipped with the technical and analytical skills needed for today’s chemical engineers. Whatever career path they choose, the training given to them ensures that they are at par with the chemical engineers produced by other globally-recognized educational institutions and ultimately help them contribute to the development of the country.

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Professional and academic excellence

The UPLB Society of Chemical Engineering Students (UPLB SChemES) is the premier academic organization for chemical engineering established on September 11, 1986. From its 20 charter members, the Society grew and achieved a distinct level of recognition with ground-breaking and innovative activities—becoming a reputable organization not only in the University but in the community as well. The Society has quality resident members dedicated to the pursuit of higher academic learning and to the fulfilment of the Society’s objectives and noble goals through professional excellence and exemplary community-involvement.


Academic Excellence. Holistic Growth. Humble Supremacy.

UP Alliance of Chemical Engineering Students (UP AChES) is a multi-awarded student organization based in UP Los Banos. Our mission is to promote true academic excellence in the field of Chemical Engineering, holistic growth, service and leadership in industry and society, and the Chemical Engineering profession.


Our professors have equipped us with the fundamental engineering principles to sharpen our proficiency, while we developed the key practical competencies - such as resourcefulness and teamwork - which are vital in today's prevalent industries. But more importantly, the Department strongly empowers us aspiring engineers to be tomorrow's leaders in solving formidable challenges of our field, whether in research or in industry, and make an significant impact in society for a more sustainable future.
Neil Caraos
ChE Board Exam 9th Placer
I admit that I had difficulty coping at the beginning, thinking that I may have made a wrong decision shifting; but because of the unwavering support and guidance of my ChE professors and DChE staff, I came through in the end. I am thankful to the Department of Chemical Engineering for nurturing me during my undergraduate years. I developed interests in research and manufacturing which I now practice in the industry. May you continue providing opportunities to aspiring chemical engineers who started from different degree programs like I did and remain zealous on molding them to become future innovators of the country.
JC Dañez
BPI-DOST Awardee
During my board exam studies, I really don’t take time to learn new topics, I just have to relearn them because they had been taught to us already. The long, tiring, and difficult exams we have taken helped us to be persistent in very long examinations like the board exam. My instructors and professors in the Department of Chemical Engineering equipped me with lots of knowledge during my undergraduate years so I am very thankful to them.
Kem Taghap
ChE Board Exam 2nd Placer