An Air-lift Fermentor for the Protein Enrichment of Manihot escuelta by Solid Fermentation

Author : Vera Cruz, Ronald P.
Major Adviser : Chay, Pham Binh
Committee Members :
Year : 1990
Month : March
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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Protein enrichment of Manihot esculenta in an air-lift fermentor by solid substrate fermentation (SSF) was evaluated. The microorganism used was Aspergillus awamori BTSo-3112, chosen among ten (10) microbial strains from the genera Aspergillus.

The effects of the different fermentation parameters such as moisture content, aeration rate, inoculum size, and fermentation temperature on enrichment of cassava were studied.

The protein enrichment of the product was greatly influenced by the fermentation parameters. There was no direct correlation in the relationship between the amount of protein in the product and these parameters. There was an optimum value variable where higher or lower values than the optimum gave lower protein enrichment.

The optimum values were found out to be: moisture content, 50%; aeration rate, 0.025 L/min; inoculum size, 0.495 g spores/kg dried cassava; fermentation temperature, 40 °C; and duration of 3 days.

In the optimized condition, the protein yield was 29.10% w/w dry basis.

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