Biodiesel Production from Refined Coconut Oil using NaOH-Impregnated CaO Catalyst Dervied from Waste Chicken Eggshells with Petroleum Ether as Co-Solvent

Author : Lopez, Stephanie Nieto
Major Adviser : Bambase, Manolito E. Jr.
Committee Members : Borines, Myra G.; De Castro, Leandro T.; Dizon, Lisa Stephanie H.
Year : 2016
Month : May
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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Sodium Hydroxide- impregnated CaO catalyst was used in the transesterification coconut oil with methanol in the presence of petroleum ether as co-solvent. Wet impregnation method was employed and X-Ray Diffraction and Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy were used to characterize the catalyst at different points of the preparation. The experimental design employed was 2k Full Factorial Design using three factors (reaction temperature (30°C and 60°C), catalyst loading (5% and 10%) and presence of petroleum ether) and two responses (biodiesel purity and yield). Transesterification of coconut oil was done in the following conditions: reaction time of 60 mins, methanol to oil mole ratio of 6:1, and 1:1 volume ratio of methanol and petroleum ether. The highest recorded average of purity was observed at (+,+,-) which is 100.00%. On the other hand, the highest recorded yield was obtained at (+,-,+) which was 44.68%. Statistical analyses using ANOVA, Half-Normal Plot, Pareto Chart, and Predicted versus Actual Chart were generated using Design Expert ® 7.0 to analyze the data. It was determined that temperature has significant positive effect in the biodiesel yield and purity. Another factor interaction was also determined to be significant with negative effects, the interaction of temperature and catalyst loading. Utilizing the petroleum ether in the experiment decreased the biodiesel yield due to reactant dilution. NaOH-CaO catalyst was able to eliminate saponification in the experiment while providing lesser processes to extract the ester layer. It was also able to increase the purity of biodiesel obtained in the transesterification of refined coconut oil.

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