Comparative Analysis on the Microalgal Cultivation Methods of Chlorella vulgaris for Biodiesel Production

Author : de Salit, Frances Elaisah Cosio
Major Adviser : Bataller, Butch G.
Committee Members : Alcantara, Jerico Z.; Sanchez, Denise Ester S.
Year : 2020
Month : July
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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Keywords: Chlorella vulgaris, cultivation, cost-effectivity
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Alternative to fossil fuels are being studied because of the non-renewability of this primary source of energy. Microalgae, such as Chlorella vulgaris, are being cultivated for biodiesel production. However, challenges in the microalgal cultivation due to the energy efficiency and cost-effectivity of the process still hinder the large-scale production of microalgal biodiesel. With this, cultivation methods such as the suspension-based cultivation in closed photobioreactors, and biofilm-based culture systems are being developed. Upon examination of studies from 2009 to present, biofilm-based cultivation systems showed promising results for its commercialization because of the high biomass productivity of the species, efficient space utilization, a relatively inexpensive harvesting method, and its good potential for scalability. Energy, water, and land requirements are also lower in the biofilm-based cultivation systems. Furthermore, the composition of the microalgal cells, more specifically the lipid content, which is necessary for the biodiesel production, can be improved by manipulating the composition of the nutrient media.

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