Design, Fabrication and Preliminary Performance Evaluation of a Semi-Continuous Updraft Direct Combustion Equipment with Rotating Paddles

Author : Lamela, Florenzo Duque
Major Adviser : Bautista, Ramer P.
Committee Members : Bambase Jr., Manolito E.; Detras, Monet Concepcion M.; Guerrero, Gino Apollo M. 
Year : 2019
Month : June
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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A semi-continuous updraft direct combustion equipment with rotating paddles was designed, fabricated, and evaluated by processing shredded paper. Preliminary testing was done to determine which draft operation and residence time per stage to be used for the experimental runs. The design criteria used for evaluation was capacity per area. The experiment tested for the combustion temperatures at different locations in the equipment and combustion efficiency for the combustion of shredded paper. During preliminary testing, forced draft operation with 8 seconds residence time achieved continuous ignition of succeeding loading of shredded paper and was chosen as the operating conditions for the experimental runs. The designed equipment had a capacity per area of 3.11 tons/day-m²,which was higher compared to other equipment. The highest temperature of 1100°C, which is higher than the operating temperature of a moving grate combustion equipment (950°C), was measured above stage 3. This temperature was measured during the transfer operation where fuel and air mixing occurs. The combustion efficiency of 99.05% for the combustion of shredded paper, which was near the typical value of 99.99%, was achieved. The design showed potential based on the results but improvements could still be made in future studies.

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