Design, Fabrication and Preliminary Testing of a Direct Contact Jet Condenser

Author : Alipio, Alberto T.
Major Adviser : Arquiza, Apollo C.
Committee Members : Movillon, Jovita A.; Abrigo, Casiano S. Jr.
Year : 1996
Month : October
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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A direct contact jet condenser was designed, fabricated and tested. It is 4 in. in diameter and 25 in. in height.

Testing involved cooling water flowrates of 99.830, 162.401 and 218.715 Kg/hr, for vapor production of 7.935, 8.835 and 8.598 Kg/hr, respectively. The heat transfer efficiency or % heat absorbed increased with increasing water flow rate with values 79.540, 87.776 and 97.245 % for the three flow rates.

Volumetric heat transfer coefficients also increases with increasing cooling water flow rate. For the same cooling water flowrates, the coefficients were, 134,558,664.4, 151,259,953.7 and 153,621,033.9 J/hr-m²-°C.

The ratio of cooling water to vapor were 12.6, 18.4 and 25.7. The corresponding approaches between the temperatures of vapor to discharge increased with increasing water flow rate and the observed value were 32.4, 40.8 and 46.4 (°C).

The approaches between the temperatures of the discharge and cooling water rate were 36.1, 22.7 and 22.1 °C. This approach decreased with increasing water flow rate.

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