Design, Fabrication, and Preliminary Testing of a Laboratory-scale Continuous Pasteurizer for Coconut Water

Author : Caintic, Alan Cris L.
Major Adviser : Lozada, Ernesto P.
Committee Members : Acda, Reynaldo I.; Arquiza, Apollo C.
Year : 1992
Month : October
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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A continuous pasteurizer utilizing tubular heat exchangers and holder was designed, fabricated, and tested. The equipment was designed to pasteurize coconut water for vinegar manufacture. Tap water was used as test fluid.

Five trials were done at the feed and cooling water flow rates of 136.7 and 280.4 liters per hour, respectively. The parameters that were tested include volumetric flow rate, retention time, and temperature. The behavior of the overall heat transfer coefficients of the heater and cooler at varying feed flow rates was also studied.

The results show that the heater was able to raise the temperature from an average of 87.19 °F to 174.70 F. The heater’s theoretical and actual overall heat transfer coefficients were 331.9 and 184.7 Btu/hrft2 °F, respectively. A difference of 44.4% was obtained. On the other hand, the cooler was able to lower the temperature of the heated fluid from 152.42 °F to 102.96 °F. The comparison of its actual and theoretical overall heat transfer coefficients obtained a 21.9% difference. The cooler’s theoretical and actual heat transfer coeffficient were 71.2 and 86.8 Btu/hrft2 °F, respectively. Moreover, the cooler had an efficiency of 41.36%. The holder had an actual retention time of 60.75 seconds and was greater than the theoretical value by 3.44%. The average temperature drop in the holder was 1.87.

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