Design, Fabrication and Preliminary Testing of a Laboratory-scale Gas-fired Vertical Fire-tube Boiler

Author : Lansigan, Eugenio Policarpio Lawas, Jr.
Major Adviser : Valencia, Sixto A.
Committee Members : Abrigo Jr., Casiano S.; Acda, Reynaldo I.
Year : `1993
Month : March
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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A laboratory-scale, fixed shell and tube vertical gas-fired tube boiler was designed, fabricated, and tested. The boiler was designed to operate in remote in remote conditions where no electricity is required. The designed boiler has three main parts: the furnace, the boiler and the pre-heating tank. The shell side is made of 10 inch O.D. sch.20 B.I. tubing and the main heat transfer surface is made of 1/2″ O.D. seamless boiler tubes.

The boiler was tested at pressures of 60, 30, 20, 10 ,5 psi. for periods of 30 4 hours. Thermal efficiency, boiler economy, and the developed boiler horsepower were determined from the data gathered.

The average rate of steam production of the boiler is 13.394 lbs steam per hour and the developed boiler horsepower is 0.439 DBHP. Boiler efficiency was found to be 71.99 %.The fuel cost of operation is ₱ 3.257 per hour according to the 1993 LPG Cost Data.

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