Design, Fabrication and Preliminary Testing of a Laboratory Scale Gas-fired Water Distiller

Author : Comia, Genalyn G.
Major Adviser : Arquiza, Apollo C.
Committee Members : Alcanzare, Edilberto A.; Abrigo Jr., Casiano S.
Year : 1994
Month : April
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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A laboratory scale gas-fired water-distiller was designed, fabricated and tested in the Chemical Engineering Unit Operations Laboratory.

Testing of the equipment proved that it can produce about 2.35 L/H of distilled water at an average cost of P 2.87 per liter. Analyses of the product showed that its PH ranges from 6.97 to 7.04, contains less than 1 ppm CaCO2 and gave no trace of scale or residue after complete evaporation.

The equipment had a heat transfer efficiency of about 33.94%. The low efficiency was attributed to the large amount of heat losses in the boiler due to lack of insulation.

The heat transfer coefficient of the condenser was determined be 87.367 Btu/hrft2 °F, which is 53.11% different from the theoretical value of about 186.335 Btu/ hrft2 °F. The difference was attributed to possible presence of noncondensable gases, entrained materials, scaling, possible condensation of the vapor long before it reaches the outlet as proven by the relatively low temperature the condensate and non-operation of the equipment at the designed vapor and cooling water flowrates. Nevertheless, the condenser was found to condense all vapor produced at lower cooling water flowrates.

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