Design, Fabrication and Preliminary Testing of a Laboratory-Scale One-Shell Pass, Two-Tube Pass Floating Head Condenser

Author : Bayangos, Francisca R.
Major Adviser : Arquiza, Apollo C.
Committee Members : Valencia, Sixto A.; Movillon, Jovita A. 
Year : 1996
Month : April
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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A laboratory-scale one-shell pass, two-tube pass floating-head condenser was designed, fabricated and tested in the UPLB Chemical Engineering Unit Operations Laboratory to condense 30 – 70 % ethanol vapor at 1 atm at the rate of 4.80 lbmol/hr.

The condenser has a shell diameter of 8 inches and is made of stainless sheet metal. Within the shell are 2.2 – 2.3 ft long stainless steel tubes with a diameter of 5/8 inch and are arranged in a square pitch with pitch to outside diameter ratio equal to 1.3. The headers of the condenser are 4 inches each. A pressure gauge was installed to be able to get the pressure at the shell vapor space. Inlet and outlet ports for both vapor and cooling water are located at designated points within the condenser. The designed heat transfer area is 6.84 ft².

Preliminary testing of the condenser was done using steam flowrates of 11.74, 15.25 and 27.75 lbm/hr and a cooling water rate of 465.1 lbm/hr. Results gave an overall heat transfer coefficient, Uₒ, of 39.24, 42.57, and 68.70 Btu/hrft² °F, respectively. These are lower than the design value which is 186.66 Btu/hrft² °F. This can be attributed to the low flow rates of steam used compared to the theoretical value which is 89.94 lbm/hr.

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