Design, Fabrication, and Preliminary Testing of a Laboratory Water Distilling Apparatus

Author : Manalo, Dheniss U.
Major Adviser : Abrigo, Casiano S. Jr.
Committee Members : Valencia, Sixto A.; Movillon, Jovita A. 
Year : 1996
Month : November
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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A water distilling apparatus with a 2 KW electric heater was fabricated and tested. The total effective heat transfer area of the condenser is 2.2907 ft². The apparatus was found to have an over-all heat transfer coefficient (U) of 92.53 BTU/hr ft² °F and 51.05 BTU/hr ft² °F at a cooling water flowrates of 5.72 mL/sec and 8.60 mL/sec, respectively. The corresponding production rates of distilled water were 4.3965 and 4.0160 lb/hr.

Insulating the boiler increased the over-all heat transfer coefficient to 95.55 BTU/hr ft² °F and 53.66 BTU/hr ft² °F at 5.68 mL/sec and 8.51 mL/sec cooling water flowrates, respectively. Distilled water production rate also increased to 4.7349 and 4.5889 lb/hr. The boiler has an average efficiency of 66.24 %.

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