Design, Fabrication and Preliminary Testing of Induced-draft Counterflow Cooling Tower

Author : Red, Virgilio Pizarra
Major Adviser : Valencia, Sixto A.
Major Co-Adviser :
Committee Members :
Year : 1991
Month : March
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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An induced-draft counterflow was designed, fabricated at the Department of Agricultural Machinery and Technology (DAMET) and tested at the Chemical Engineering Laboratory, CEAT, UPLB, College, Laguna. The data obtained showed that the efficiency of the fabricated equipment was high as evidenced by low cooling approach ranging from 6.48 to 8.46 degrees F. This can be explained by a large air flow induced by the fan than the airflow requirement.

The tower was also tested to determine its capability of cooling hot water at 158 degrees F. The approach obtained does not significantly differ from the value obtained from testing at hot water’s design temperature. Recommendations were made to improve cooling tower performance.

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