Design, Fabrication and Testing of a Laboratory Scale Reboiler

Author : Dionisio Jr., Florencio Mariano
Major Adviser : Demafelis, Rex B.
Committee Members :
Year : 1990
Month : March
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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A laboratory scale reboiler, shell and tube type heat exchanger was designed, fabricated and tested. The reboiler designed is a part of a fractionating set-up for ethanol water mixture. The reboiler shell is made of stainless steel while the tubes are copper tubings with 3/8″ outside diameter.

The testing was carried out using a steam generator operated at 24.7 psia. The steam : vapor ratio obtained in the actual testing was compared to the theoretical value. The results showed that the steam : vapor ratio is larger than the theoretical value, meaning bigger amount of steam was required in the actual testing compared to the theoretical calculation in producing the same amount of vapor. The percentage heat loss was found to be 38.17% of the total heat input. This heat loss caused the decrease in vapor production. The results showed that if heat loss is prevented the steam : vapor ratio can be improved to 1.12:1 value even better than the theoretical steam vapor ratio which is 1.14 : 1.

Further refinements of the equipment were suggested, insulation of the whole reboiler is necessary to minimize heat losses thus increasing the vapor production, installation of temperature and pressure gauges was also suggested.

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