Design, Fabrication and Testing of a Laboratory Scale Rotary Drum Vacuum Filter

Author : Norcio, Lawrence Parala
Major Adviser : Valencia, Sixto A.
Committee Members :
Year : 1990
Month : March
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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A laboratory scale rotary drum vacuum filter was designed, fabricated at the Department of Agricultural Machinery Engineering and Technology (DAMET) and tested at the Chemical Engineering Laboratory, UPLB, College Laguna. The fabricated equipment was successfully operated and was able to produce a filtrate of sugar cane juice from a slurry of sugar cane mud taken from the Canlubang Sugar Factory. It was found out that the filtration capacity of the designed equipment was low due to the lack of support of the filter medium which deforms under vacuum condition and lower its filtering area It was also found out that the cake collected was wet due to the high rotational speed of the drum.

Modifications were made by lowering the speed of the filter equipment, adding supporting frames to the filter medium and riveting it to the drum. It was then concluded that the modified rotary drum vacuum filter improved by giving high filtration capacity, drier cake, good installation of the filter medium and a well clarified juice.

Further recommendations are needed to improve the operating condition of the rotary drum vacuum filter.

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