Design, Fabrication and Testing of a Laboratory Scale Single Pass Shell-and-Tube Condenser

Author : Cabrido, Robyn Joy Figarola
Major Adviser : Demafelis, Rex B.
Committee Members :
Year : 1990
Month : March
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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A single pass shell-and-tube laboratory scale condenser was designed for the distilling column in order to condense 70 mole percent ethanol vapor from a 10 mole percent ethanol solution.

The condenser was mounted horizontally with the vapor in the shell side and the cooling water in the tube side. It was fabricated at the DAMET shop and tested using steam as the condensing vapor.

Results showed that the flowrate of the condensate was lower than the theoretical value due to the fluctuations in pressure caused by the steam generator. Subcooling occurred since the experimental value of the cooling water was lower than the expected value. The ratio of condensation of 1 lb of steam to water is 78 which deviates from literature value of 1:50 due to the use of inconsiderable amount of water. This resulted to an 80 percent efficiency.

Further recommendations are needed to improve the operating performance of the condenser.

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