Design Fabrication and Testing of a Laboratory Scale Spitzkasten Classifier

Author : Bautista, Rico Lantin
Major Adviser : Valencia, Sixto A.
Committee Members :
Year : 20XX
Month : March
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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A three-chamber Spitzkasten classifier was designed, fabricated at the Department of Agricultural Machinery and Engineering Technology shop and tested at the Chemical Engineering Unit Operations Laboratory. This was used in the separation of glass beads, amberlite beads and sand from their mixture into individual fractions.

The resulting fractions were still found to be mixtures of the particles. Although in mixture with the other particles each of the particles occurs at a larger percentage in the cones where they are supposed to be collected in pure form.

The deviations from the theoretical is due to the following factors; (1) the varying size range within particles which also varies their terminal velocities, (2) the absence of flowmeters that would effectively gauge the flow, and (3) the high downward velocity of the hydraulic water at the walls of the come.

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