Determination of the Operational Capacity of a Direct Contact Condenser

Author : Zarate, Victor A.
Major Adviser : Demafelis, Rex B. 
Committee Members : Abrigo Jr., Casiano S.; Movillon, Jovita A. 
Year : 1993
Month : April
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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Testing and determination of the operational capacity of the direct contact condenser was done at different steam and water flowrates.

The condenser was able to condense the maximum capacity of steam generator of 23.93 lbm/hr steam at 10psig. It was found out that the cooling water requirement is a function old discharge temperature (cooling water temperature is held constant) and is the same for all heat rates. This characteristic can be best described by the heat balance equation between the cooling water and the vapor to be condensed.

The average approach temperature attainable by the condenser is 49.125 degree Celsius. The working temperature range was determined to be between 14 and 19 degree Celsius. The average actual minimum cooling water required for heat rate of 18,167.54 Btu/hr is 81.59 mL/s. For the maximum heat rate the average actual minimum cooling water is 88.05mL/s. The average mass ratio of cooling water to steam obtained is 45.245.

Further testing of the equipment using a steam generator with a greater capacity is recommended. A barometer leg is also recommended if a higher approach temperature is desired.

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