Extraction Efficiency of A Laboratory Scale Continuous Counter Current Solid-Liquid Extractor for Oil Extraction from Copra Meal

Author : Bagsit, Cherry Banual
Major Adviser : Alcanzare, Edilberto A.
Committee Members : Acda, Reynaldo I.; Movillon, Jovita L.
Year : 1994
Month : June
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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An existing laboratory scale continuous counter current solid-liquid extractor of the Bollman type was utilized in this study. The feed hopper and the drive mechanisms of the extractor were modified to improve its running condition.

The extraction process involved extraction of oil from copra meal containing 22.91% total oil content using 95% ethyl alcohol as extraction solvent with V/L ratio of 2.0 and as feed rate 0.3609 lb copra meal per minute. Two levels of temperature at 30°C and 50°C were tested at the same V/L ratio. The average mass fraction of oil in the extract was. 0.024 and 0.028 for the temperature of 30°C and 50°C, respectively. The mass fraction of oil in the underflow averaged 0.071. Insufficient contact time and operational fluctuations were observed during the runs. The efficiency obtained was 11.49 lower than 21.46 % obtained by the study of Magalang (1991) on the same equipment.

Further testing of the equipment are required to determine appropriate operating condition.

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