Parametric and Kinetic Studies of the Treatment of Aqueous Malathion Solution using Electrolyzed Water

Author : Mosquera, Rizal Edwin Manalastas
Major Adviser : Sanchez, Denise Ester S. 
Committee Members : Gatdula, Kristel M.; Arocena, Rhebner E.
Year : 2019
Month : June
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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Aqueous malathion solution (AMS), an organophosphate pesticide was treated with electrolyzed water (EW). The effects of concentration (10% v/v, 20% v/v), volume ratio of AMS to EW (9 mL : 1 mL, 1 mL : 9 mL) and reaction time (2, 6 hours) on the COD reduction of the AMS were determined in this study. The best conditions were determined to be at 10% v/vAMS, 1 mL AMS is to 9 mL EW and 6 hours reaction time with the results of 2.37 mg COD reduced per mg of free chlorine used. The aforementioned parameters were used for the kinetics study. It was observed that 2.41 mg COD removed per mg of free chlorine used. It is also observed that increasing AMS concentration increases overall COD reduction but decreases the amount degraded per amount of free chlorine used. Also a longer reaction time increases the amount of COD reduced per amount of free chlorine used. The kinetics analysis using the parameters of 10 % v/vAMS, 1 mL AMS is to 9 mL EW and reaction time of 6 hours followed first order of reaction with specific rate constant (k) of 0.3646 mg COD removed per hour of reaction.

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