Parametric and Kinetic Studies on the Decolorization of Aqueous Congo Red Dye using Electrolyzed Water

Author : Malabanan, Lady Lizzette Cuevas
Major Adviser : Arocena, Rhebner E.
Committee Members : Capunitan, Jewel A.; Migo-Sumagang, Maria Victoria P. 
Year : 2018
Month : June
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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Electrolyzed water (EW) was generated from Cawolo Disinfectant Generator CA- 5 and was used to decolorize the aqueous congo red dye solution. The generated EW has a basic pH of 8.2. Temperature, reaction time, concentration and ratio of volume of electrolyzed water to aqueous dye solution are the four parameters considered in the experiment. The effects of these four parameters on the amount of dye removed per free chlorine content was determined. The value of R² is equal to 1.0 which indicates that the model is linear. Among the four parameters, three of them were significant namely; temperature, concentration and ratio with p-value of <0.0001. The highest response obtained was 2.475 mg dye removed per mg free chlorine with the following conditions: 50°C, 300 ppm dye concentration, two hours reaction time and 1:9 ratio of EW to aqueous dye solution. Using the same condition, kinetic parameters such as rate constant, k and reaction order, n was determined. Highest percent decolorization is equals to 98. 51 %. The order reaction of the decolorization of aqueous congo red dye solution follows a second order with a rate constant of 0.0003 ppm/min.

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