Parametric and Kinetic Study on the Degradation of Distillery Slop using Electrolyzed Water

Author : Pequeña, Arianne Ricacho
Major Adviser : Arocena, Rhebner E. 
Committee Members : Capunitan, Jewel A.; Movillon, Jovita A.
Year : 2018
Month : June
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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Distillery slop is the dark-colored, high temperature, and strongly acidic effluent resulting from the recovery of alcohol via distillation of fermentation media based on molasses or sucrose. In this study, electrolyzed water was used as a potential treatment of distillery slop. Parametric runs were done to measure the effect of ratio of electrolyzed water-to-wastewater, electrolysis time, and temperature on pH, COD, and color. All of the three factors were significant and only the interaction between ratio and electrolysis time was significant, when pH changes were considered. Increasing the ratio and electrolysis time both have positive effect on the pH. For COD reduction, all of the factors and their interactions were significant. The electrolyzed water-to-wastewater ratio and electrolysis time have negative effect on the final COD values. All the factors affected the rate of decolorization. The interactions of ratio and temperature and electrolysis time and ratio were also significant in color removal. The temperature has a positive effect while the electrolyzed water-to-wastewater ratio and electrolysis time have negative effect on the color. From the parametric experiment, the best value for pH increase, COD reduction, and color removal (pH = 6.5, %COD reduction = 95.36 %, % color removal = 99.9 %) were at 9:1 ratio, 30 °C, and 120 minutes electrolysis time. There was a significant difference between the percent COD and color reduction due to dilution and due to application of electrolyzed water. The maximum COD reduction due to electrolyzed water alone was 1.55 % while the maximum decolorization was 1.73%, which was also obtained at 9:1 ratio, 30°C, and 120 minutes electrolysis time . From the kinetic study, it was found that the degradation of distillery slop using electrolyzed water was that of first order reaction. The rate constant obtained for COD and color were 4.3 x 10⁻³/min and 9.1 x 10⁻³/min, respectively.

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