Parametric Study on Oil Absorption using Acetylated Sugarcane Bagasse as Absorbent

Author : Paña, Vonn Eric Intac
Major Adviser : Borines, Myra G.
Major Co-Adviser : Valencia, Jeanne Michelle T.
Committee Members : Movillon, Jovita L.; De Castro, Leandro T.
Year : 2015
Month : June
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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This study dealt with the absorption qualities of acetylated sugarcane bagasse by varying the sorbate temperature, sorbent particle size, contact time between the sorbent and sorbate and initial oil concentration of sorbate. Sugarcane bagasse was initially dried, ground, screened using sieve with Mesh # 20 and 80, underwent delignification treatments and then, subjected to acetylation. The oil absorption capacity of the cetylated sugarcane bagasse was determined in terms of oil removal efficiency. It was found that the highest oil removal efficiency can be achieved at low temperature (20 oC), large particle size (Mesh # 20), long contact time (60 mins) and low initial oil concentration (0.1 g/mL). Analysis of variance was used to test and determine the significant effects and their interactions. Using acetylated sugarcane bagasse, it was found that the sorbate initial oil concentration had the largest effect on oil absorption in terms of oil removal efficiency. The oil absorption decreases as the initial oil concentration of sorbate increases.

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