Parametric Study on the Absorption of Carbon Dioxide by Water in a Packed Bed Column

Author : Dio, Christian Joshua Gomez
Major Adviser : Guerrero, Gino Apollo M.
Committee Members : Arocena, Rhebner E.; De Castro, Leandro T.
Year : 2016
Month : December
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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Carbon dioxide is an inert gas that plays a large part in global warming. Controlling CO₂ concentration can prevent further worsening of global warming at the same recover CO₂ as raw materials for other industries. One method of control is through gas absorption using water as the solvent. However, water is inefficient in absorbing CO₂ due to sparing solubility of the gas on water. As a subject of study in CO₂ absorption and in order to improve the CO₂ recovery, a two-level factorial design on CO₂ mole fraction, water volumetric flow rate, and water temperature. Results of the design show that all three parameters and an interaction between volumetric flow rate and temperature have significant effects on percent CO₂ recovery. Volumetric flow rate and temperature has both negative effects on CO2 recovery while CO₂ mole fraction and volumetric-flow-rate- temperature interaction produced positive effects. Large percent errors has been obtained for the runs, suggesting that these can be reduced by improving other control parameters such as longer time, calibration of instrumentations, and having an enclosed setup.

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