Parametric Study on the Adsorption of Oxytetracycline using Magnetized Activated Carbon from Rice Straw

Author : Mojica, Leolice Anael Togonon
Major Adviser : Migo-Sumagang, Maria Victoria P.
Committee Members : Nisola, Vic Jayson M.; Migo, Veronica P.
Year : 2020
Month : July
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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The study was conducted to assess the viability of rice straw derived magnetic activated carbon (RSMAC) for the removal of oxytetracycline (OTC). The percent yield of rice straw activated carbon was found to have an average of 13.58% using the 2-step activation method. The 1:3 activated carbon to magnetite ratio was determined to be optimal. The equilibrium contact time was determined to be 330 mins. The effects of different parameters, such as initial solution pH and initial OTC concentration, were determined with percent OTC removal as the response, using a 2k factorial experiment. It was found that the significant factors for the adsorption of OTC include the initial OTC concentration, initial pH, and the interaction of the initial pH and initial OTC concentration. A predictive linear model was obtained with OTC (A), pH (B), and initial pH-initial OTC concentration interaction (AB) as the variables were obtained: Percent Removal = 93.41716 + 0.071338A + 0.72726 – 0.012327AB. The maximum percent OTC removal was 99.35% for an initial OTC concentration of 60 ppm and initial pH 7. A cost analysis estimated the cost of manufacture of RSMAC to be PHP 148.08 which proved RSMAC to be a viable, low-cost, and highly effective adsorbent for OTC effluent treatment.

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