Parametric Study on the Chemical Oxygen Demand Reduction and Color Removal of Distillery Digester Effluent using Electrolyzed Water

Author : Berbon, Christine Mae Belnas
Major Adviser : Arocena, Rhebner E.
Committee Members : Alfafara, Catalino G.; Migo, Veronica P.; Migo-Sumagang, Maria Victoria P. 
Year : 2017
Month : June
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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Distillery digester effluent is the waste after primary anaerobic treatment of distillery slops. In this study, electrolyzed water was used as a potential treatment method for distillery digester effluent. Parametric runs were done to measure the effect of electrolysis time, reaction time, and ratio on pH, COD, and color. All of the three factors were significant and there were no appreciable interactions with one another when pH changes are considered. For COD reduction, all of the factors and their interactions with one another are significant. On the other hand, all the factors affect the rate of decolorization. The interactions of reaction time and ratio and electrolysis time and ratio were also deemed significant. Costing showed that electrolyzed water costs 0.058379 pesos/mL after 110 minutes of electrolysis time and 0.05818 pesos/mL after 60 minutes of electrolysis time. An efficiency-cost analysis was also done and it was found out that the first treatment procedure (110 mins ET, 6 hours RT, 9:1 ratio) is both cost-effective and has high efficiency for both COD reduction and color removal. Comparison with direct electrolysis showed that electrolyzed water is a relatively cheaper alternative considering general treatment costs.

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