Parametric Study on the Production of Levulinic Acid by Acid-Catalyzed Hydrolysis of Kans Grass

Author : Dimasacat, Alexa Mae Aluan
Major Adviser : Gatdula, Kristel M.
Committee Members : Dizon, Lisa Stephanie H.; Sanchez, Denise Ester S.
Year : 2019
Month : June
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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This study focuses on the production of levulinic acid through acid-catalyzed hydrolysis of Kans grass. Specifically, it determines the significance of the effect of five parameters namely pre-treatment condition (use of NaOH and H2SO4), acid type (HCl, H2SO4), acid concentration (0.1 M, 1 M), reaction time (30 min, 120 min) and reaction temperature (150 °C, 170 °C) on the levulinic acid yield. Characterization of the untreated grass sample is done to determine the cellulose content of the sample and subsequently to determine the theoretical LA yield. Using 2k-2 factorial design, combination matrix of the parameters is generated. The highest yield of 13.44 % was obtained using H2SO4 for pre-treatment, 1 M HCl as the acid-catalyst, carried out at 170°C for 30 minutes. ANOVA is used to determine which parameter has significant effect on LA yield. Only the reaction temperature and acid concentration have significant effects on the yield. Reaction temperature exhibits negative effect on the yield while acid concentration has positive effect on the yield.

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