Performance Evaluation of a Twenty-Liter Batch-Type Ethanol Distilling Column

Author : Tuso, Ma. Dionierosa G.
Major Adviser : Capareda, Sergio C.
Committee Members : Valencia, Sixto A.; Movillon, Jovita A. 
Year : 1995
Month : April
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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A twenty liter batch type, gas-fired ethanol distilling apparatus was fabricated and tested to evaluate its performance.

Evaluation of the equipment proved that it can produce an average of 1131.0 ml (0.0399 ft) of 89.50 % by volume alcohol at the distillate per operation with 10 % alcohol in the feed (179-proof alcohol). This high alcohol content can be readily used as fuel for engines or burners. Concentration of the distillate is almost constant throughout the process. The energy content of the distillate was determined. It was found out that the equipment consumes 28,870 BTU of the fuel to produce 20,381 BTU of ethanol.

Equation for the boiler was developed to determine the mass of alcohol left at any time. It was based from the data obtained from the trials.

The equipment had an average heat transfer efficiency of 20.09 %. The very low efficiency was attributed to the large amount of heat losses around the equipment due to leaks and lack of insulation.  On the boiler alone, the average percent heat loss was 41.49 %. On the average, the equipment can recover 54.66 % of the initial amount of ethanol.

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