Preparation and Testing of Activated Carbon from Carbonaceous Rice Hull and Bagasse Ashes in Decolorizing Molasses Distillery Slops

Author : Castillo, Lourdie Payawal
Major Adviser : Abrigo Jr., Casiano S.
Committee Members :
Year : 1990
Month : March
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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This study aimed to prepare and test activated carbons prepared from carbonaceous rice hull and bagasse ashes in decolorizing the highly-colored molasses distillery slops.

The activated carbons were prepared following the procedure proposed by Cruz and West (1939). Yields of 70.33%, 40.80%, 12.74%, and 11.27% were obtained from preparations B, C, D, and E respectively. The carbon content of each is 1.91%, 2.39%, 5.00% and 3.84% respectively. Different dosages of activated carbon were used to establish the decolorization isotherm for each preparation using the Freundlich equation. Temperature and mixing time were varied to determine the effect on decolorization.

Preparations D and E proved to be nearing the adsorptive performance of commercial activated carbon. Higher relative decolorization can be achieved at lower concentration while more colorant can be removed at higher concentration. Relative decolorization increases with temperature and the fastest rate of decolorization occurred during the first 5 minutes of mixing.

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