Purification and Modification of Almaciga (Agathis philippinensis Warb.) Resin for Paint Manufacture)

Author : Magana, Jr., Conrado Quibral
Major Adviser : Fernandez, Elvira C.
Major Co-Adviser : Acda, Reynaldo I.
Committee Members : Movillon, Jovita A.; Valencia, Sixto A.
Year : 1996
Month : April
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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Almaciga resin was purified and modified using thermal processing to convert it to a form suitable as a component for paint manufacture. Ethanol recovery was determined during the distillation of resin-ethanol solution. Resin yield and energy requirement were determined for the distillation and modification processes.

The effects of temperature and time of heating in solubility of modified almaciga resin in drying oils were determined. Twelve paint samples using 100 % modified almaciga resin and mixture of modified almaciga and alkyd resin were manufactured and subjected to tests for paint properties.

In the purification process, lower grade of resin gives low % yield although solvent recovery was not so much affected. Highest yield obtained for resin was 88.98 % and lowest was 79.91 %. The average solvent recovery for the three grades of resin was 72.09 %.

A large decrease in % yield of modified resin was observed at higher temperature and longer time of heating.

Modified almaciga resin is soluble in drying oils in an acid number of about 18. The conditions for modified almaciga resin soluble in linseed oil were 330 °C for 4 hours; 340 °C for 2 hours and 350 °C for 0.75 hour.

The energy requirement for distillation of resin-ethanol solution was determined to be 0.547 watt-hr for every gram of purified almaciga resin. In thermal processing, the energy requirement were determined to be 0.485, 0.476, 0.472, 0.467, 0.463, and 0.458 watt-hr per gram for temperature of 300 °C, 320 °C, 330 °C, 340 °C, 350 °C and 360 °C, respectively.

Using Friedman’s two way analysis of variance by ranks, the formulation with 70 % modified almaciga resin and 30 % alkyd resin was found comparable in properties to that of the commercial paint.

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