Recovery of Oil from Nata de Coco Waste

Author : Rivera, Emiliano Rodillo
Major Adviser : Valencia, Sixto A.
Committee Members : Abrigo, Casiano S. Jr.; Movillon, Jovita A. 
Year : 1995
Month : April
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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Recovery of oil from nata de coco waste was investigated.

Nata de coco was found to contain 11.14 % crude fat, 2.73 g/L of acetic acid and 91.71 % moisture.

The liquid waste contained 3.83 g/L acetic acid and 1.81 % crude fat. This waste was pungent and turbid with suspended particles.

A brownish yellow oil was recovered from the solid waste by open pan evaporation at 120 °C at 1 atmosphere. This process was able to recover 59.7 g of oil produced out of the total solid waste. This waste appeared to be a white, gelatinous and opaque substance.

From the analysis of the recovered oil, it showed that it contained 87.51 % crude fat and its free fatty acid number was 1.98. The percent yield recovery of the crude fat was 11.14 %.

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