Retrofitting and Testing of a Laboratory-Scale Spitzkasten Classifier

Author : Viernes, John Denver Apostol
Major Adviser : Guerrero, Gino Apollo M.
Committee Members : Valencia, Jeanne Michelle T.; Arocena, Rhebner E.
Year : 2016
Month : December
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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This study focused on retrofitting and testing of Spitzkasten classifier using four different samples (large steel beads, small steel beads, plastic beads, and pellets). The classifier was retrofitted by replacing electrical wires and pump capacitors, connecting control valves and fittings, installing pressure gauges and switches for pumps. The densities and diameters of the particles were obtained to determine the respective terminal velocities which were 0.996 m/s, 0.949 m/s, 0.498 m/s and 0.085 m/s for large steel, small steel, plastic beads and pellets, respectively. Results of this study showed that classification of feed composed of particles with high-density differences exhibited high degree of separation while classification with low-density differences showed less. Same particles (large steel and small steel) with different diameters were difficult to separate since the computed terminal velocities were close to each other.

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