Single-Cell Protein Production Using Coconut Water and Molasses

Author : Ayeng, Arlene Abarduez
Major Adviser : Calibo, Ronnie L.
Committee Members : Acda, Reynaldo I.; Arquiza, Apollo C.
Year : 1993
Month : June
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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The growth kinetics of Candida utilis NRRL Y-900 was obtained using batch culture techniques with coconut water and a combination of coconut water and molasses as substrates. Its growth kinetics parameters were vₘₐₓ = 0.22 hr⁻¹ and Yₓ/ₛ = 0.06 for the latter substrate. A medium composition of 3 g/l (NH₄)2SO₄, 2 g/L Rice Bran and H₃PO₄ of pH = 4.5 was evaluated and used in the batch and fed-batch fermentation studies. With coconut water alone as a substrate in the batch studies, a final cell concentration of 3.93 g/L was obtained. Using the growth kinetics parameters obtained for coconut water, a feed forward control using the Nanba equations (Nanba et. al., 1981) was established. Molasses containing 33.4% sucrose was added in a fed-batch cultivation using the feed forward control of feeding the molasses. A final cell concentration of 33.96 g/L was reached in 25 hours of cultivation. A sugar concentration of approximately below 30.0 g/L was also maintained.

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