Studies on the Diffusion Characteristics of Sodium-Alginate Gel Heads

Author : Gonzales, Job Jacob A.
Major Adviser : Chay, Pham Binh
Committee Members :
Year : 1990
Month : March
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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An experimental set-up for the determination of diffusion rate of different substrates was assembled. Substrates were then allowed to diffuse into and from Na-alginate gel beads. The effect of different cations on the gelling properties Na-alginate were tested. The concentration of Na-alginate, kind of substrate, concentration of substrate, concentration of gelatinizing agent and temperature were the parameters in the determination of diffusion properties of different substrates.

The results of the experiment show that not all cations tested cause Na-alginate to gel, and that CaCl2 is a satisfactory gelatinizing agent. Diffusion is faster at low concentrations of Na-alginate gel beads and at increased temperature. Furthermore, low molecular weight substrates diffuse faster than substrates of higher molecular weight. Lastly, equilibrium concentration is reached faster if the concentration of substrate is lower.

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