A Study on the Effect of Air Flow Rate, Particle Diameter and High Cell Concentration on the Volumetric Oxygen Transfer Coefficient

Author : Vitancol, Arsenia Salazar
Major Adviser : Chay, Pham Binh
Committee Members :
Year : 1989
Month : October
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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Mold fermentation such as used in penicillin production contains distinct solid particles and also exhibits highly viscous fermentation broths at high cell concentrations. In the industry, high cell concentrations are used to effect high product yield. This condition affects the mass transport properties of the fermentation media, particularly the rate of oxygen transfer.

In accordance, the effect of high cell concentration, the size of the solid particles and air flow rate on the volumetric oxygen transfer coefficient, kLa were studied using Aspergillus oryzae, resin and sago pellets.

Oxygen transfer was measured using various cell concentrations, particle diameters and air flow rates.

The results from the experiment made was compared and discussed.

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