Calcium Peroxide as an Alternative Source of Hydrogen Peroxide in Fenton’s Process for the Treatment of Public Market Wastewaster

Author : Zotomayor, Dingcerlynne Natavio
Major Adviser : Laurio, Michael Vincent O.
Committee Members : Alfafara, Catalino G.; Bataller, Butch G. 
Year : 2013
Month : October
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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One-factor-at-a-time design of experiment was done for the treatment of public market wastewater (COD removal) using conventional Fenton and modified Fenton treatments. Conventional process was first employed to select the appropriate Fe: H₂O₂: wastewater volumetric ratio to the type of wastewater in this study. The effect of varying the amount of catalyst and hydrogen peroxide were also tested in the conventional process. It was found that 1:20:30 (Fe: H₂O₂: wastewater) yields 92.62% COD removal at pH 4.7 and 92.13% at pH 3.0. Also, varying the amounts of catalyst and hydrogen peroxide did not show significant difference on COD reductions at constant volume of wastewater. Using the amount of H2O2 used in the conventional process, the equivalent amount of calcium peroxide (CaO₂) was computed from an empirical relationship obtained by experiment. Applying the calculated CaO₂ concentration in the modified process, the COD reduction efficiencies were 94.94% at pH 3 and 93.93% at original pH. The modification and applicability of the process on public market wastewater achieved favourable COD reduction and was found to have a preliminary processing cost of 2.21 times lesser than the conventional process on the treatment of wastewater.

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