Design, Fabrication, and Preliminary Testing of a Laboratory Scale Packed Bed Gas Absorption Column for Carbon Dioxide Gas Capture

Author : Saavedra, Roel Adrianne Cagomoc
Major Adviser : Guerrero, Gino Apollo M. 
Committee Members : Capunitan, Jewel A.; Del Barrio, Marilyn C. 
Year : 2016
Month : June
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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With the current issue of global warming, many studies have been conducted regarding the reduction of carbon dioxide (CO₂) emission. A packed bed gas absorption column was fabricated to determine its CO₂ recovery efficiency using 30% w/w monoethanolamine (MEA) and water as solvents at different flowrates and column pressures. The calculated height of packing material is 2.4 feet but the fabricated equipment has a packing material height of 3 feet and a column diameter of 3.7 inches with minimum liquid to gas ratio of 0.17. The results showed that increasing the solvent flowrates and pressure column for both MEA and water resulted to higher percent CO₂ recovery. On the other hand, as the solvent flowrates were increased the CO₂-loading decreased due to lower residence time of the solvent. Using MEA as solvent yielded a percent CO₂ recovery of 71.5%. Comparing the results using MEA as solvent to industries, with 95% recovery, the percent error is 24.7%, while using water yields percent CO₂ recovery of 21.2% only.

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