Performance Evaluation of a Ceramic Cross-flow Filter for L-Lysine Fermentation

Author : Daquioag, Mylene Victoria Espejo
Major Adviser : Chay, Pham Binh
Major Co-Adviser : Acda, Reynaldo I.
Committee Members : Movillon, Jovita L.
Year : 1992
Month : October
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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A ceramic cross-flow filter with 0.8 µm pore size was utilized to separate the lysine-containing solution from the 1.0 µm microorganism Corynebacterium glutamicum. The performance of the filter in terms of filtrate flux at different cross-flow velocities and biomass concentration was evaluated. Resistances due to the membrane, the cake layer formed and the plugging of pores was calculated at different cross-flow velocities.

At cross-flow velocities 6.67, 4.24, and 3.38 cm/sec., the average steady-state fluxes were 3.53 x 10-2, 2.27 x 10-2, and 1.25 x 10-2 ml/min-cm2 respectively. This confirmed the effect of cross-flow velocity on the improvement of flux. For biomass Concentrations 0.72. 1.31, and 7.51 g/li., The steady-state fluxes were 3.41 x 10-2, , 2.96 x 10-2, and 1.71 x 10-2 ml/min-cm2 respectively. The resistances increased with decreasing cross-flow velocity resulting to a decrease in filtrate flux. The filtrate fluxes were reduced by the gradual build-up of particle at the membrane. The primary cause of flux decline is due to cake formation and plugging of pores at the membrane surface.

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