Raw Sugar Factory and Refinery Practice at Victorias Milling Company, Inc., Victorias, Negros Occidental

Author : Soriano, Anna Marie M.
Major Adviser : Calibo, Ronnie L.
Committee Members : Movillon, Jovita A.; Arquiza, Apollo C.
Year : 1993
Month : March
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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A species of Saccharomyces cerevisiae was cultivated in a fed-batch culture using two typed of media composition. It was found out that adding rice bran and H₃PO₄ will increase the growth yield of the cultivation. Fermentation parameters were estimated in batch cultures of different initial sugar concentrations. From the estimations, the value were u = 0.40 hr⁻¹, Yₓ/ₐ = 0.25 g cells/g sugar, Yₓ/ₒ = 0.30 g  cell/g EtOH, and Yₒ/ₐ = 0.50 g EtOH/g sugar. A mathematical model by Okada, et al. (1981) was adapted in introducing a program that established the profile of the growth of yeast (RK 222 Program). Feeding was calculated using the estimated fermentation parameters and the mathematical model prior tot he run (feedforward control approach). This resulted to a cell concentration of 45.5 g/L in 18 hours. Dissolved oxygen (DO) was investigated for use in feedback control approach. The result was a cell concentration of 31.4 g/L in 21 hours.

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