Retrofitting, Performance Evaluation and Screen Effectiveness Model Development of a Vibrating Screen Separator

Author : Loresco, Grace Marielle Pamplona
Major Adviser : Guerrero, Gino Apollo M. 
Committee Members : Arocena, Rhebner E.; De Castro, Leandro T.; Del Barrio, Marilyn C. 
Year : 2016
Month : June
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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The vibrating screen separator, a 3-deck screening equipment with screens of Mesh 10, 16 and 24, designed and fabricated by  Domingo in 2005 was retrofitted. Modifications were done due to the decreasing efficiency of the equipment through time. The screener is composed of the 3 screens enclosed with metal frames. The feed hopper opening and the mode of altering the angle of inclination were modified. Performance evaluation was conducted using different angles of inclination and different feed flowrates. Screen surface contact and fraction of the different range of sizes of the sand affects the screen effectiveness. In the 3-deck screening equipment, effectiveness of the lower screens were affected by the screening process on the upper deck. The highest screen effectiveness obtained for Mesh 10, 16, 24 and the screener was 97.60%, 93.63%, 95.68% and 84.12%, respectively. Fractional distribution of each range of sand after the screening process was considered. Parametric models illustrating the relationship of the angle of inclination and feed flowrate to the effectiveness of the screens and the whole screener were developed and verified of their significance using general factorial. The R² values of the model derived for the screen effectiveness of Mesh 10, 16, 24 and the screener were 0.986, 0.853, 0.849 and 0.938.

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