Ultrasound-Assisted Sol-gel Synthesis of Silica Particles from Citric Acid-Leached Rice Hull Ash

Author : Badongen, Megan Gomez
Major Adviser : Carpio, Rowena B.
Committee Members : Migo, Veronica P.; Capunitan, Jewel A.
Year : 2020
Month : July
Type : Thesis
Degree: BS
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Tens of millions of tons per annum of rice hull is produced globally. Rice hull ash from the combustion of rice hulls is used as the silica source in the synthesis of high-quality silica. The effects of the amount of sodium silicate, amount of ammonium hydroxide, and sonication time on particle size of silica particles were studied using 2k factorial design of an experiment. Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) Analysis was used to analyze the particle size of the produced silica, which is the range of 253.6 – 2207 nm. ANOVA results showed that no factors contributed significant effects to the particle size of the synthesized silica, which is inconsistent with results from similar works. Imprecision of the data gathered can be attributed to the presence of water, insufficient drying, mixing mode of reactants, calcination temperature, and limitations of the apparatus used such as the speed and capacity of the centrifuge. Nonetheless, silica particles were successfully synthesized from citric acid-leached rice hull ash.

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